About The Author


Christine Bowen is a Brain Health Coach, an award-winning author, a seasoned motivational speaker, and a master photographer whose mission is to inspire the brokenhearted to hope. Through her inspirational and children’s books, as well as her photographs, she is successful at helping individuals of all ages to learn the depths of who they are. Christine is also an award winning, faith-based lyricist and a published poet. She utilizes these tools in powerful, high energy, humorous, and motivating speeches, which teach individuals to overcome their weaknesses with their strengths, providing an enlightened journey into their psychological, social, and spiritual lives.


Christine is currently the author of four thought-provoking books, which take her readers on a journey through their life challenges. She wrote two workbooks to go along with her book "Coloring Outside The Lines"; "Coloring Outside The Lines Workbook", and "Coloring Outside The Lines For Kids".  She is also the author of three endearing children’s books that are for all ages. Follow her character, My Lamb, as he travels to discover who he is, his purpose, and how he can serve others. My Lamb is a children’s book series with three books currently released; "My Lamb Finds His Song", and "Angel Wings/My Lamb's Journey", and "My Lamb Finds Time/The Castle Library with the Clock Tower". 

Christine’s second book, “Inside The Wind” was honored by the East African Gospel Association as the 2014 Book of The Year. Her children’s book, “My Lamb Finds His Song”, was honored by Fresh Lifestyle Magazine with the 2017 Book Award.

Read all of Christine's Books; "Be The Storm", "Inside The Wind", "Rockin' The Recipes With Chris", "My Lamb Finds His Song", "Coloring Outside The Lines", "Coloring Outside The Lines Workbook", "Coloring Outside The Lines For Kids", "Angel Wings/My Lamb's Journey", and "My Lamb Finds Time/The Castle Library with the Clock Tower".  There is something for everyone.

Christine speaks at conferences, organizations, public libraries, public schools, churches, youth groups, festivals, and specialized meetings. She holds workshops for all ages with her books and workbooks called Coloring Outside The Lines, Where Masterpieces Are Created. The workshops help individuals to find out how to live in the imagination of God and soar by overcoming themselves, believing, and making a stand.

Christine is also a Professional Accredited Master Photographer. She earned her degree from the New York Institute of Photography. She is a member of the International Freelance Photographers Organization with Media Credentials. Christine has A Lifetime Distinction of Honour for Photographic Achievement in The Art and Science of Photography Diploma. Her passion is to photograph nature and wildlife, revealing light and life in her photographs. She has had photography exhibitions in several large, respected galleries in the Northeast. She has had a number of her photographs published in notable photography books, such as The International Library of Photography.

Christine is a published poet and an award winning lyricist. She has had several of her poems published in a wide variety of poetry books. She received the Editors Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry. She also is a Poet Fellow from Noble House Publishers in honour of her creative work. Finally, Christine writes the lyrics for the multiple award winning rock band True Witness (www.truewitness.com). She also performs with the band as a percussionist. She has brought to life rock tambourine and you can recognize her by her high energy percussion on stage.

Christine resides in Atlanta, Ga with her large family, and her three puppies.

As a child, Christine lived with the hope of one poem. The poem was written by Emily Dickinson, and is entitled, I Shall Not Live In Vain. The words – “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain. If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain, or help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain”.

Let Christine inspire you, and your group, family, or organization. You can find her books on her official website, or through Amazon or Kindle.

If you would like to schedule Christine for a Speaking Engagement, Workshop, or Book Signing, reach out to her manager, Heather Adams at heather@onesparkmedia.com or at 678-564-6246. If Christine can assist you personally in any way, schedule a call through author@christinebowen.org. For further information about Christine Bowen, please go to www.christinebowen.org.