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My Lamb Finds Time

The Castle Library with the Clock Tower

Children's Book

Page Count: 48

ISBN-10: 1721780645

ISBN-13: 978-1721780648


In this enchanting tale, My Lamb travels to the historical and extraordinary Castle Library in search of the mysterious Clock Tower. What he discovers along the way is time and the fascinating memories of the history that marks the years.

Venture with My Lamb and explore the possibilities of how the past, present, and future build and teach the lessons of life. After all, the journey of life’s dance is found within the colors of light.

Coloring Outside the Lines Book

Coloring Outside the Lines

Where Masterpieces Are Created


Page Count: 315

ISBN-10: 1535448482

ISBN-13: 978-1535448482


Coloring Outside The Lines is a journey of self-exploration. An explorer seeks to uncover the wisdom that is hidden in a treasure chest of truth within the heart. Coloring outside the lines is not for the faint of heart. So be an explorer. Be more than a conqueror. The purpose of this book is to encourage the reader to look at the world up close. If we could strive to understand the pain, suffering, joy, and sadness as they exist within the spectrum of good and evil, then we have taken the first steps to the healing of mankind. To color outside the lines, we must shine in the possibilities that lay above the surface, within the deep, and in the life that exists all around us. Those who color outside the lines gain clarity through a vision that grows into its potential. They seek to understand all the things of life and the world they live in. A master artist is one who colors their life with strokes of creativity, veracity, knowledge, courage, strength, hope, and most of all love. Color outside the lines. It’s where masterpieces are created. Your masterpiece will inspire the world because it is a representation of you, and you are a beautiful soul.

Coloring Outside the Lines Workbook

Coloring Outside the Lines Workbook


Page Count: 182

ISBN-10: 1537217852

ISBN-13: 978-1537217857


Are you brave enough to color your life true? If so, then join me with the Coloring Outside The Lines Workbook. Here you will discover your potential as you explore your strengths and weaknesses.
A seed needs water and sunshine to grow. So it is true with mankind. This workbook is intended to help you grow as an individual, both physically and spiritually. As you color your perspective of the world, each page of this workbook, along with the accompanying Coloring Outside the Lines book, will challenge you to see life through different eyes and with a vision beyond our understanding.
The power is in you. It’s time to color your life.

Coloring Outside the Lines Workbook FOR KIDS


Page Count: 114

ISBN-10: 1544804830

ISBN-13: 978-1544804835


Coloring Outside the Lines For Kids is an adventure where kids can explore who they are, and dive into who they can be. Kids will travel to a place where imagination meets the heart and the colors burst true to their song. There are no limitations to coloring outside the lines.

Create your masterpiece crayon by crayon. Line by line. Let the picture of your life take form. Remember, even broken crayons color beautifully.

Color outside the lines and know that you are the master artist of your life.

Be The Storm

Be The Storm


Page Count: 212

ISBN-10: 1469958872

ISBN-13: 978-1469958873


Be The Storm is a book of truths that guide the soul to understand life. We delve into the world, but we never see what is around us, what God created in the most unbelievable artistry with His Love. Man explores the oceans, climbs the highest mountains, and travels the world by air, land and sea, but does man know God? Does he see that God has a hand in all this and more?
Hope is an empty word if not brought to fruition by Love. Who is willing to travel this path, and bring Love to a broken world? Be The Storm will inspire and challenge your soul to soar. God speaks to us in manifolds of wisdom, but it is up to mankind to listen and hear what He is saying.
How do we begin to be the storm? Storms rise out of the realities of life, in truth, with power and intensity, and with a purpose. They build with hope to overcome. They move on the path set before them, and they don’t stop. They have fortitude, and are validated by the wind. The rains cleanse and the storm keeps on going until it has run the race, and finished.
Be the storm, and let your life rise to the potential God has for you. This is where you find your joy. It will be dancing inside of your Love.

Inside the Wind

Inside The Wind

A Portrait of the Heart


Page Count: 182

ISBN-10: 1493745123

ISBN-13: 978-1493745128


INSIDE THE WIND we hear the whispers of truth that guide our hearts in the midst of the greatest of storms.
INSIDE THE WIND we know where we must go.
INSIDE THE WIND we understand Love.
INSIDE THE WIND we are given our life map.
INSIDE THE WIND we are overwhelmed with hope.
INSIDE THE WIND we trust in God.
INSIDE THE WIND we are counseled, corrected, rebuked, and adored.
INSIDE THE WIND we make our stand with no fear, and great strength.
INSIDE THE WIND we are lifted on high.
INSIDE THE WIND our tears are turned into gems that take their rightful place in a crown that awaits us.
INSIDE THE WIND we breathe.
INSIDE THE WIND, and nowhere else, we are the storm.

Rockin The Recipes with Chris

Rockin’ The Recipes with Chris

More Than A Cookbook


Page Count: 408

ISBN-10: 1511755113

ISBN-13: 978-1511755115


What is the one thing that the world has lost? How can we build a tapestry that will weave family, friends, and love into the future, using tradition, and rockin’ it all to make life an adventure? “Rockin’ the Recipes with Chris” is an experience of love, born from a heart of hope. It is more than a cookbook. It is an exploration, a coloring outside the lines; a leap of faith. Join Christine Bowen in this tender, family cookbook, filled with stories of life and truth. It is so much more than a cookbook.

My Lamb Finds His Song

Children's Book

Page Count: 28

ISBN-10: 1523472405

ISBN-13: 978-1523472406


My Lamb is on a courageous journey through the meadows of life to find what is unique and special about him. Along the way, he makes many new friends, each with a gift of their own. They lead My Lamb to a discovery that what he is looking for, he has always had. Join My Lamb and find your song. It will change your life.

My Lamb’s Journey: Angel Wings

Children's Book

Page Count: 51

ISBN-10: 1542832969

ISBN-13: 978-1542832960


My Lamb wants to serve the people of the world. He knows that angels serve people all the time. Therefore, My Lamb sets out on a journey to find an angel so that he may also have angel wings and serve the people of the world. However, My Lamb discovers that his heart will always lead him beyond his imagination.

Join My Lamb as he learns the greatest of lessons from the greatest of challenges.