Coloring Outside The Lines Book Launch


Thanks to all who came out to my Coloring Outside The Lines Christmas Party Book Launch. We had a fantastic time. The food was amazing. Thank you to all the local businesses who donated yummy food. I’m always so appreciative of the generosity of our community.  Santa was there with his trusty Elf, and everyone received a present. It was like an Old-Fashioned Christmas Party with Christmas Carols, dancing, and so much joy. True Witness showed up and as always the party was rockin’!

Coloring Outside The Lines and the Coloring Outside The Lines Workbook now join the marketplace with Be The Storm, Inside The Wind, Rockin’ The Recipes With Chris, and My Lamb Finds His Song.

The response has been awesome with all of my books, and especially this new book and workbook. This makes me so happy because the hope is that this new book and workbook, and all my books, will help someone, groups of someones, and multitudes of someones,  in all capacities in their life. It’s the prayer. It’s the vision. It’s God’s plan.

As always…I remain humbly  yours in Christ.
Peace and Have A Very Merry Christmas!!! Remember…Christmas is not just a season. It’s the attitude of the heart, and it lives all through the year in those of us who make it that way.

Love is Enough,

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