Deception’s Guise


Sadly, in life we are invited and tempted to share in the deceptions of many who appear to be pure of heart, but in fact are destroyers. A destroyer is vain and arrogant, a liar and a manipulator, insensitive and selfish, an accuser and shameless. Destroyers come at us from every corner of life: home, work, and play. They feed in confusion, dwell in illusion, and thirst delusion. A destroyer claims love, but does not know love. It is best to forgive them quickly for what they have done, are doing, or are about to do. Forgive. Pray. Move on.

The sun does shine beyond the destruction. If the structure was too weak to withstand the storm, it will fall. Sometimes the storms are powerful and we are ill-prepared for their winds. That is why preparation is always of utmost importance in all seasons. However, even storm damage sees a new day to begin the rebuilding. Hope is the anchor that balances the weights to be of measure, the measure of your life.

Destroyers will always be out there, their navigation set to the compass on your heart. They believe they have free entry on your life. They foolishly see themselves as mighty and courageous warriors. Yet, they are cowards who, when not aimlessly wandering, hide in corners and wait like a crouching tiger, ready to pounce on the pure of heart. You have been given the treasures of forgiveness, love, and truth. Use these gifts to uncover what shamefully hides.

Eve ate of the fruit in the Garden of Eden. When Eve offered the fruit to Adam, he also ate. How great would it have been if Adam had opted to go tell the Lord God what had happened with Eve, and sought his counsel? However, Adam joined in the debauchery and ate the fruit as well. The serpent had his way with them because they listened to him.

#1 problem. Adam and Eve listened to Satan. Are you listening to the lies of Satan? If so, tune him out. He is full of deceptions, and he has set his goal to destroy as many lives as he can. He has no power but what we give to him. However, there is great power in the name of Jesus. That power has the potential to change your life, and if your life changes, so too will the lives of those you encounter. Embrace your power. Empower the Holy Angels that God has placed around you. They will fight for you.

#2 problem. Adam didn’t consult God. It’s simple. Almost too simple. Consult God. He is waiting to hear from you. Be patient. Be still and know God. He will answer you in His timing. Too many times we are too impatient, and that leads us deeper into the storm. Seek clear skies. Be still. God will never let you down. Have the ears to hear. Have the eyes to see. His answers come in strange ways.

#3 problem. Living and walking among God was no longer enough for Adam and Eve. They wanted more. They believed in the deception that more would be better. Understand that sometimes what you have is greater than what you are looking for, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on what you understand.

#4 problem. Adam and Eve, in the flash of an eye, lost their way of life. They lost their comfort zone. They lost communication with God. Was any amount of fruit worth that? The cost of our actions is grave, and the consequences are even graver. Consider the consequences before you impulsively act in any and all situations.

#5 problem. We validate Satan on too many levels of our life. Kick the serpent to the curb. It’s your life. Give it to God.

Happy Trails Peeps!

Word Up Blog By Christine Bowen


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