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Hello Everyone. It’s Christmas time. That is always an incredible time of the year. However, the hope that I have at Christmas is with me all through the year because I believe in the potential of love, and the possibility that mankind would embrace that potential in him.

I lay here in bed, with the flu bug this week, and although I have a million things to do, and book events that I am missing, I am unbelievably thankful to God because the flu passes and life returns, but there are those who I am praying for who live in the reality of constant sickness. Their life is an uphill climb, a struggle, a challenge, a hope every day. They courageously face the world with different eyes than we do. Prayer is what gets them through their day. Pray for them; the homeless, the sick, the seeking, the lost, the hungry, the broken, the angry, and even our enemies…Pray for them all.

I pray this year for my mom who is challenged with Alzheimer’sĀ disease. I don’t even know what’s going on in her beautiful head, but I know that deep inside there is love, and I know that there is faith in God. I am so thankful for that. I am thankful for the moments that we talk where the conversation makes total sense. It seems like all we have right now is love, and that love overshadows the disease and everything else in between. Although we do not live close to each other, and I cannot see her often, we talk all the time, and those talks, challenging as they may be, always shine with love. These days are the precious ones I will never forget. My mom and I, through distance, still are sharing in something so great…it’s called prayer. We pray together over the phone all the time. I feel so close to her, and to God, every time we pray. The past melts away through prayer. There is only now, only today.

I am beyond blessed, in all ways and on all days. Jesus validates my life. He nailed my sins to the cross, and he forgives me every day. I am free. No chains are holding me. I choose to be free. What a gift. No Christmas gift could match it.

In my life, I have gained and I have lost. I am thankful to God, for as my Father in Heaven, He teaches me greatly through it all. What more could I ask for in life than to serve and love my Lord? If I traveled the farthest reaches of the world, it would not compare to the one soul that reaches out to me, seeking to understand the joy of the Lord. If I was the richest woman on earth, I would not be fulfilled, or happier than I am in this moment where I am whole in Christ and rich in all the ways that matter. I pray that you all find this joy in your life. I pray you find Home. As for myself, Home is where my heart is, and that my friends, is with Christ.

Life is not promised, today, tomorrow, or even in the next moment. However, love and eternity are promised in Christ Jesus who made love and eternity possible for us all.

I’m not preaching at you all. I’m just sharing my Christmas, and every day, message with you all. The world is a cold and broken place, where the lonely travel a hard road. We could make it so much better. I am the one drop of water that makes up an ocean. I am the one grain of sand that creates a shoreline. I am the one flower dancing in the meadow and glorifying the mountain. Are you the one?

The adventure is great! The journey is greater. Be an explorer. Life is beyond your imagination. Step into the imagination of God.
“Love resides beyond the walls of my imagination. Journey with me the Kingdom is ours to see. Is love enough?”

Open your eyes to the wonder of life. Life was meant to be viewed in fullness, not marginalized. We are a busy people, and we don’t take the time to truly see what should be seen. See it all. Time is too short, too long, or whatever you make it. Don’t let the days slip by you as you ignore the magnificence of each moment, each breath we have. Embrace it. Hold onto it. Embed it in your memory. Don’t be afraid to live. Be afraid not to.

While on vacation at the beach years ago, I met a frail young man who was walking out to the pier early one morning to view the sunrise as I was. He was at peace, watching the sun come up over the horizon. It was spectacular, the most beautiful artistic masterpiece I could ever see. The dolphin and fish were jumping out of the water just as the sun came up, in celebration of a new day. The birds were flying and dancing in the sky to welcome the sun. We could learn so much from nature and life. SEE IT ALL! The young man turned to me. He told me that he had weeks to live. He was dying of a terrible disease that was ravaging his body. He was so weak. However, he managed to hobble out to that pier to see just one more sunrise. He told me never to take for granted the beauty of every day, like the sunrise we shared that morning. We looked up, quietly peaceful, and we celebrated God’s gift to us that morning. He was restored by the sunrise. He was strengthened to survive another day. He taught me to appreciate it all!!! And I DO!!!!! Two ships passing each other on life’s journey, sharing in the Grace of God, and never to see each other here on earth again. Strangely enough, I will never forget that moment in my lifeĀ or the young man who taught me to open my eyes!!!!

If you believe in God, His Glory will take you to new heights. All things are possible, and that opens up a world of hope. Learn. Teach others. LIVE!

Christmas is a celebration of new birth, the birth of our Savior. We are saved. We are rescued…IF you choose to be. We are all offered the wonderful gift of Grace. It’s a Christmas gift that comes unwrapped, and unearned, but God gives it to us just because He loves us so much.

Thank you Father God for the Grace that you give to us all. I opened my gift of Grace this morning when I opened my eyes to see another day, sick with the flu, or not. Thankyou Father God. Each day Grace is mine, all day, with every breath I take.

Breathe in the joy of life this Christmas season. Know that you are loved. You are truly loved so much. You have a God that never gives up on you. Don’t give up on Him. He is waiting for you. Reach your hands up high today, and tell God that you love Him. Then just talk to Him. Tell Him your joys, your sufferings, your pain, your sorrow. He is waiting to listen. He knows you better than you know yourself.

In Christ I love you all!!!!!

Merry Christmas. Life is for the living. Live.
Till next time…

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