Happy New Year!!

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It was a busy Holiday Season, and it was wonderful and blessed. I hope this finds all of you well and happy. How could we not be happy? We have the joy of the Lord in us.

I have amazing news. I have been studying, learning, and working hard, and recently passed my final exam, and am now a Certified Brain Health Coach. Yay! This is just the beginning, as the journey and growing continue. With this comes some fun new ventures. One of which is a brand new VLOG, which will be called “REFRAME MY LIFE”. We are in the pre-production and planning stages now. In this VLOG¬† I will be talking about everything from brain and mental health to the many “How to’s” and “Say What’s?” in life. We will be talking about dealing with the struggles that face us every day, and answering questions that confound us along our journey. We will be discussing how we can make the changes that can turn our life around. We will be “reframing” and developing a new mindset, one without the negative thoughts that chain us. Yes, we will be breaking chains, one at a time. Of course, no work of mine goes without “coloring outside the lines”, so plan to get coloring, so to speak.¬† Let’s explore our potential together in my new VLOG, “REFRAME MY LIFE”.

I am excited to get started. Stay tuned for more information as this new “reframing” of my life unfolds.

Books. Books. Books. In the middle of all of this I am completing my new My Lamb book, My Lamb Explores Outer Space, which is going to illustrations soon. Hopefully, I will be releasing it sometime later this year, maybe sooner. I also have another book in the works. As you all are aware, I am a photographer, and so this book will be a photo essay. I am psyched as I draw near completion.

It is always a joy to talk God and life with you all, whether in books, a VLOG, or in person.

I will close by praying up this new year with you, with a hope for good health and love for all.

As always…WORD UP^^^


Peace Out!


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  1. Looking forward to working with you on the Reframe My Life VLOG. It’s going to be wonderful and will touch the lives of so many. What a blessing it will be in the new year.

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