As we enter a new year, we are encouraged to have hope for so many things; a stronger nation, a better world, less hate, more love, less division, more unity, kindness, compassion, and so much more. However, we face the problems of our every day truths. Are there solutions? Always. With every problem comes a solution, if we look. Hope is eternal. It never dies unless we put it to rest. Why would we do that?

Sometimes life becomes such a struggle that hope seems to wanders off, as if lost. However, hope is never lost, just as “all those who wander are not lost”. Believe! It’s that simple. Believe in the possibilities. Believe in yourself. Believe in God, for although you may not be able to see Him, He is there, and all hope is in Him. Try to remember a time when God showed up for you, even when you thought you were alone. I can name so many of those times in my life that I cannot even count them. One I will share with you now.

My dad was very sick with severe heart disease. He had 5 heart attacks, open heart surgery, and aggressive bladder cancer. Over the course of 25 years, I prayed my dad up and asked God to please heal him and keep him with me. I told God how much I needed my dad in my life. Through each heart attack, each event of heart failure, cancer, open heart surgery, staff infection from the open heart surgery where he lost his entire sternum, and so much more, God brought my dad back stronger and wiser. During those years, we grew so close; me and him, him and his grandchildren, and he built a great legacy of love. He spoke to us about his experiences in WWII, and shared the wisdom of war and lose with us. It was real, and it was true, and it was a blessing.

On the night before my dad died, I walked into the room, to see him suffering in a way I would not ever want to see anyone suffer. I told God that I was being selfish to ask for my dad to stay with me with this painful degenerating disease that he had. He had been healed over and again, time and again and again. God was unbelievably good. I knew that this was now God’s time. I told God I was ready, and I thanked God for an incredible dad, and for the years He gave us together. My dad passed away with the dawn of the next morning, peaceful and at home. God answered my every prayer. Every word I spoke to Him, God answered. I don’t know about you, but that is mind-boggling to me. I am blown away with the goodness of God. I felt my dad in Heaven. I know he is there.

Hope. It makes me sure of the fact that I will see my dad again in Heaven. You see, when I prayed that my dad would heal and live, during that time, my dad received Christ and salvation. So, yes, I know my dad is in Heaven, by the Willow Tree that we watched dance in the wind when I was a little girl. I can see it in my heart. I can feel it in my soul.

Hope. It makes me sure of all the things I know to be true. Thank you God. Thank you Lord. I am so blessed.

Hope today. Hope tomorrow. Hope forever. Don’t let anyone take your hope from you. It is all of who you are. It will sustain you on the darkest and coldest of days. After all, we are all broken crayons living in a broken canvas, we call the world. However, broken crayons, crushed and shattered created the most magnificent of masterpieces, and God hangs them where all will see and know that you lived the best life you could because you hoped for “such a time as this”.

Love is enough! Love with all you have. Hope in your love to restore and renew life.


Happy Living!!!

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