2017 Book Award


I am so blessed and honored to be selected by Fresh Lifestyle Magazine for the 2017 Book Award for MY LAMB FINDS HIS SONG. Here’s hoping that My Lamb will find his way into the hearts of many amazing children, young and old alike, who will seek to find their song and sing it loud. It’s all about love, our love, and how we use our love to inspire a world to healing and hope. There is no age limit to this book, or to your life. Live your life out loud, and live fully every single day. Remember to have faith like a child. See the wonder in all of life. Life is an amazing journey, and if you look hard enough you will see wildflowers dancing on a breeze as the willow tree joins in. You will talk to the animals and they will tell you their joys. You will sing your song, unique unto you, and it will raise the voices of others who want to sing with you.

Please go to http://www.freshlifestylemag.com/book-award-my-lamb-finds-his-song.html and read the article that Fresh Lifestyle Magazine published about me and MY LAMB FINDS HIS SONG.

Thanks for always tuning in.


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