It’s Here!!!


Hi Everyone.

I am so excited to be starting my blog here on my NEW website. I am so thankful for Dan Adams of One Spark Media, who inspires me, and helps me with this endless mess of multimedia confusion…LOL! Thanks Dan!!! You are so appreciated.

Thanks for joining me on my blog, and on my new website. I love you all so much. And I love that you are on this incredible journey called life with me. You all ROCK!! Coloring Outside The Lines and the Coloring Outside The Lines Workbook is finally ready to release. I am so busy this week preparing for the Book Launch on Saturday, which by the way is a Christmas Party Launch…What Fun!!!… and I am completing all the last minute things that need to be done for this party. Plus, I am still on the My Lamb Finds His Song Library Tour, and heading out tomorrow for another Story Telling for the kiddos…WHEW!

I really want to thank the many sponsors who helped me with this launch, OLIVE GARDEN, JOHNNY’S PIZZA, PARTY CITY, ACADEMY, BAGEL BOYS CAFE, PINOCCHIOS INCREDIBLE ITALIAN, DAVINCI’S DONUTS, RISING ROLL GOURMET, and JIMMY JOHN’S. You all are so incredible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Well, it’s been a journey, an exploration, a growing, and I am so joyful for the experience of writing. I love to write, to search my soul, to explore my potential, as God opens my heart to pour forth my feelings, my emotions, my life onto paper for you all to read. My one prayer is that you are moved to the truth that God has for you. May the words that I write inspire even one to know the pure Love that I have come to know and receive in my life.

Time to go. Time to keep working towards this CELEBRATION Launch! Time to pray it up. Time to fall on my knees. Time for hope.

Here’s hoping that you are in JOY, not just in this beautiful season of Christmas, but every moment of your life, with every breath you take.

Till my next WORD UP^^^
A stand is made in your heart, not on your feet.

God Bless!


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