Joy is in the little things…


What is joy? It goes beyond the borders of happiness and rests deep inside the soul. It breaks through what mankind hangs onto, what chains man to the hollows of this earth. It lifts up the potential of even the simplest of lives and gives without recognition. Joy is humble and true. It is the hope of the world. It is the completion. Joy is birthed in a relationship that goes beyond sight and into vision. It is found in our relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the joy that bridges us to Father God. Joy lives inside of love, love inside of faith, and faith inside of hope.

My joys may seem simple to some, but they are deep, bridging gaps between humanity and God. My joys are found in waking up each morning and knowing that God loved me so much that He led me to the love of my life. He blessed us with more than a day together, so that I may know true love.

My joys come from the miracles I see every day; from a child’s laugh, a hug, witnessing a 3 year old speak life and understand it, knowing that there is “One God and Father of all.” Ephesians 4:6. Wow!!! That just blows my mind. A 3 year old can say, “Nana. Let’s read the bible.” Then he listens, learns, and never forgets. Then he applies what he learns. Then he loves God with all of his heart, his mind, his spirit, and his soul. I stand in awe. Most of the world cannot grasp such depth, but a 3 year old can. “And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become more like little children, you will never inherit the kingdom of heaven.'” Matthew 18:3. God knows what He is talking about. Kids got the faith thing down.

My joys come from the knowledge that there is new life, growing and blossoming and forming into a tiny, beautiful human being, made special by God himself, with the knowledge that this very child will, one day, be challenged to find their way Home. This challenge is real because the world will do everything it can, and give everything it has to stop this little one from making it Home. However, there is a thing called choice. We all have it. We all have potential. We are all called to do great things with our life, however long or short. Joy is watching one take life on, and be the difference.

My joys come from my family, each one so amazing and a true blessing upon my life.

My joys come from a thunder and rain storm, from flowers and trees, from the sun and the moon, from the mountains and the oceans, from all the life I see each day that I open my eyes.

My joys come from the Lord, because I am in awe that he could look at me, forgive, and love me still. Who am I? To Jesus, I am someone worth saving, someone worth loving, someone worth listening to. My joy is complete because I believe and know these truths to be true.

My joys come from the people I meet. Whether a meeting with someone is beneficial or not, it is up to us to take away something from that experience. Complaining will not help anyone, but it does produce self-indulgence, and negative attention. On the other hand, there is so much beauty in the positives of a person. When someone taps into that positive zone, and is encouraging, supportive, caring, kind, and insightful, it inspires those around them.

My joys come from puppy kisses, and lazy days, from morning dew and evening shade. My joys come from bumble bees and fireflies. My joys come from willow trees and dandelions. My joys wrap my heart around the moments, the secrets of life, the truths of nature, the love of the earth. My joys can see through the hate, the war, the degradation, the slander, gossip, and bitterness, the division, killing, and hurt. My joys overcome the brokenness and believe in a better time, purer hearts, and heaven.

Today is here that we may learn from it. Tomorrow is a gift. Every footstep we take counts while we are on this earth. Oh Lord, that mine would count for something. Love is enough. I believe it. I live it. Flowers fade away, but their beauty is a memory to behold, and behold them we do, remembering the fragrance they have left behind.

Imagine the joy that it may be. Thought: Happiness. Concept: Joy. Appearance: A life well lived.

May your joy be everything that your life is. Believe it. You have the power to make it happen.


Peace Out! Joy In!



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