Life gets joyfully crazy.

Choco Fight 2

A fantastic husband, five awesome kids, two amazing son-in-laws, two beautiful daughter-in-laws, three of the best grandbaby boys, and three super puppies. It gets very hectic around my house. The boys ages, 6 and under, are active, adorable, and wildly imaginative. They teach me so much about myself, and they inspire me to greater heights. Daily, I take a ball to the face, a hug that knocks me over, muddy puddle challenges, tent overload, wagon rides, painting explorations, and so much more. I am blessed. The messes are my blesses. The puppies are as crazy as my boys. They tumble, jump, play, throw balls, sing, steal my food, sleep on top of my legs, and make my joy complete. I am challenged on every level, and I love it. I love the kisses, kids and puppies. I love the wagon rides. Here’s a secret, I am the one who initiates them. I love the art, even when I’m covered in paint and clay. I love it all. I live my life in joy and fullness. I embrace my “say what?” moments. I love to catch raindrops on my tongue, feel the wind in my face, and live out loud.

Dinnertime is a noisy delight. It’s all about reaching across the table, talk, talk, talking, laughing, eating, sharing, puppies barking, and loving. My days are active and I crash into bed at night smiling about my day, as I remember the many moments that I begin to tuck away in the corners of my mind, to be cherished. Then, I wake the next morning, and it begins again. New adventures. New moments. Love.

One of the most powerful and joyful parts of my days are always the bible studies that I have with the boys every morning. I have them take turns in picking a Scripture for me to read and study with them. We begin with songs. The boys have a large selection of songs that they love tucked away in their little hearts. We sing together and worship together. It is a joy I can’t explain. To know that my little grandsons are growing up with such love for the Lord in their hearts fills me up. We sing five to six, sometimes more, songs. Then we settle into bible study. It blows me away how these little guys have such an understanding of what God says in His Word. They give analogies, explaining the how’s and why’s of the message. Jack once told me that God’s Word and believing are like magnets. You can’t pull apart a believer from the Word of God because they are connected, like magnets. He demonstrated with his little hands. Four years old and Jack can understand what some folks take a lifetime to comprehend. Some never get it. Faith like a child. God said it well. He told us to have faith like a child. When you spend time with a child, you understand what that means. I have learned so much from the boys during our bible studies. I am humbly thankful for the opportunity to grow these little plants in God’s garden. I watch them shoot up towards the sun, and soak in the water, absorbing the nutrients of the earth.

The message here is that we should all take the time to believe, with all of our hearts, what we cannot see, but know is true. Belief, without the doubt that age brings, gives us freedom. Belief in a truth that doesn’t divide us, but purifies us. Belief in compassion. Belief in hope. Belief in a faith that raises us up beyond expectation, and into unconditional love. That’s what we need to survive this thing called life.

So, get messy, and don’t care. Ride a wagon down a hill. Jump in a bubble bath kiddie pool. Paint insanely with your hands. Jump in muddy puddles. Shoot Redi-Whip in your mouth, right out of the can, and be blessed because you can do all these things, and more. You are free. In Christ, you are free.

Be a child and open your bible today. There you will find out how to Color Outside The Lines and dive into the imagination of God, the Master Artist, the Creative Genius, who gave us life.

Peace Out. Word Up^^^


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