Love isn’t love till you give it away…


It’s Christmastime, and a time for joy, hope, love, and good cheer. However, for many, it is a time of sadness, of memories, loss, and of longings, regrets, bitterness, and resentments.

Love is a funny thing. Many have claimed of their relationships that love is complicated. However, love is NEVER complicated. It’s simple. It’s pure. It’s fulfilling. It is amazing when God is involved. But, unfortunately, not everyone involves God. Love is sacrifice. It is giving, not 10%, or 50%, but everything, yes everything. People speak of unconditional love. Unconditional love requires complete commitment, great sacrifice, and total giving. If you can’t go into love with these things, you will not know true love.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16. Can you even imagine how much love God has for mankind that he would sacrifice his one and only Son Jesus Christ to mankind, who spit on him, crucified him, killed him? Those very people rejected not only God’s one Son, but God also. I cannot fathom such a love as God’s, but I am thankful for it, because it saved me. God’s unconditional love is teaching, inspirational, healing, comforting, growing, hopeful, consecrating, and so much more. It completes me. It renews me. It restores me because God’s unconditional love forgives me for my weaknesses, my faults, my rummaging through the garbage, my returning to my vomit, my defiance, my lack of faith, my forgetfulness that He alone is God, and I am not in control, but He is. “Thank you Father God for your Love. I love my husband and my family greater, deeper, and more profoundly because I love you so much.”

This Christmas I received the best present I could ever receive. I have received it over and again for every Christmas that I have been alive. However, every year it becomes more precious to me. “Jesus…You are my gift. You are my treasure. I am so blessed that my Father in Heaven sacrificed you for me. Thank you. I love you forevermore.”

Receive the best gift this Christmas, and make it your eternal gift. God gives it freely, unconditionally. It is the gift of salvation, of God’s Love. The gift of claiming your rightful inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Such a gift the world cannot imagine, because such a gift the world rejects over and again. That is why the world validates the mess they have created. If they could see outside the confusion, illusion, and delusions…they would see Christ Jesus, and a Father in Heaven who loves them totally and completely.

His Love is enough. Not just at Christmastime, but all the time. I only write about what I know!

Love you all!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Love is always enough because God made it so.

God Bless You All!!!!


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