MY LAMB FINDS TIME/The Castle Library with the Clock Tower

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It’s here, ready to launch and go out into the world. It’s My Lamb Finds Time/The Castle Library with the Clock Tower.

In this enchanting tale, travel with My Lamb to the historical and extraordinary Castle Library in search of the mysterious Clock Tower. What My Lamb discovers along the way is time and the fascinating memories of the history that marks the years. Venture with My Lamb and explore the possibilities of how the past, present, and future build and teach the lessons of life. After all, the journey of life’s dance is found within the colors of light.

Thank you to the wonderful people of Buchanan, Ga, Jana Gentry, Librarian, and the Buchanan/Haralson Library for their support and inspiration for this book. The launch will be held at the Buchanan/Haralson Library in early August. Stay Tuned for dates as we make arrangements and lock down the details. Then, the book goes out to you all, and on tour with me.

If you are in the area, please come on out to the launch. It promises to be a fantastic time. I will be there signing all of my books, including of course My Lamb Finds Time, and we will have My Lamb stuffed toys there with us.

Thank you to all of you who love and embrace My Lamb. He is a whimsical, adorable character that I have so much fun with. That being said, the fourth in the My Lamb series is already written, and ready to go to illustrations soon!!!! But, for now, we are concentrating on lifting off with My Lamb Finds Time.

Thank you to A.J. Bowen, for the spectacular illustrations and bringing My Lamb to life, as always. Special thanks to Daniel T. Adams for awesome, beautiful graphics. Thanks to One Spark Media, Inc for believing in me, and for supporting this My Lamb endeavor.

If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!!!  Hint. Hint. I have another new book in the works also. A photography book with kick. In my heart, in my mind, there are a thousand thoughts, a million inspirations, and the words keep pouring forth from my soul.

Remember the Love. God Bless!

Christine Bowen


2 thoughts on “MY LAMB FINDS TIME/The Castle Library with the Clock Tower

  1. We are all so excited at the Buchanan-Haralson Public Library. It is truly an honor to be a part of this book and of it’s launch. Can’t wait to see Christine Bowen. She is a fountain of love and joy!

    1. The honor is mine Jana. Thank you so much for everything. God Bless you all. See you on August 18th for the launch of MY LAMB FINDS TIME.

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