My Lamb is on another adventure.

My Lamb Stuffed Animal

Yes, the third in the MY LAMB series is in illustrations now. MY LAMB FINDS TIME/The Castle Library with The Clock Tower. This book was so much fun to write. It is a true story about my exploration of The Castle Library with the Clock Tower, found right here in my beautiful state of Georgia. I felt like I traveled back in time as I stepped through the doors of the Castle Library in Buchanan, Georgia. What a sweet small town Buchanan is with flowering pear trees lining the street, and the clock tower bells that can be heard from anywhere in the town. I was smitten with this town and it’s people. My Lamb was very excited to take this journey, and so here we are about to share with you the amazing story of what happened to My Lamb as he travels to The Castle Library and discovers the Clock Tower. History is part of the story and a part of our lives. Keep your eyes out for this one. Hoping to release Summer 2018. Maybe sooner?? I will keep you up on the progress.

Thank you to Jana Gentry, Head Librarian and to all those wonderful souls in Buchanan, Ga. I love you all!

More news…I am still working on my next book. It has been slow and steady, but ever-changing, as God would have it. The process is a process, and it progresses as life does. I am really learning from, and enjoying this write, and I hope you will enjoy it too.

Fall Festivals are in progress. I am out there all over, everywhere, and all the time. I will keep you up on my dates. Check with me on Facebook, and if we aren’t friends already, add me.

March 24th and 25th 2018 I will be a Regional Author at The Dahlonega Literary Festival in Dahlonega, Ga. Check it out. If you are in the area, pop on by. It is going to be a literary wonderland. .

Live your story. Don’t leave out a single chapter. It all matters because it all molded you into who you are.

Peace Out!


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