My Lamb’s Journey: Angel Wings


It’s DONE!!!!

I have completed the SECOND in the My Lamb Series of Children’s Books. It’s called My Lamb’s Journey: Angel Wings. I will holler out to you all when it is ready for purchase, which will be right around the corner. I am expecting my Proof Copy any day now, and once I review that, the book will be ready to make it’s way into your home, and your heart.

I hope that you all will join me as My Lamb jumps into another great adventure, and explores the world of serving others.

Don’t forget the 1st Book in the My Lamb Series…MY LAMB FINDS HIS SONG. Get both books and share the inspiring journey of a little Lamb with a big heart. Don’t forget to purchase a My Lamb stuffed animal. Your kiddos will love My Lamb.

Happy Reading!!!!


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