Be The Storm


Be The Storm is a debut, inspirational book from author Christine Bowen — lyricst and percussionist for rock band True Witness. This book is a poignant declaration on the power of love. Christine Bowen has brilliantly captured the essence and goodness of the true life that waits beyond the veil of creation for us all to learn how to be the storm.


Product Description

Be The Storm is a book of truths that guide the soul to understand life. We delve into the world, but we never see what is around us, what God created in the most unbelievable artistry with His Love. Man explores the oceans, climbs the highest mountains, and travels the world by air, land and sea, but does man know God? Does he see that God has a hand in all this and more?
Hope is an empty word if not brought to fruition by Love. Who is willing to travel this path, and bring Love to a broken world? Be The Storm will inspire and challenge your soul to soar. God speaks to us in manifolds of wisdom, but it is up to mankind to listen and hear what He is saying.
How do we begin to be the storm? Storms rise out of the realities of life, in truth, with power and intensity, and with a purpose. They build with hope to overcome. They move on the path set before them, and they don’t stop. They have fortitude, and are validated by the wind. The rains cleanse and the storm keeps on going until it has run the race, and finished.
Be the storm, and let your life rise to the potential God has for you. This is where you find your joy. It will be dancing inside of your Love.


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