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Happy to say that the illustrations for MY LAMB FINDS TIME/The Castle Library with the Clock Tower are coming along fantastic. I am loving the artwork, and how it is painting the story of My Lamb’s latest adventure. This story is near and dear to my heart because The Castle Library with the Clock Tower is a real place in Buchanan, Georgia. I stumbled across Buchanan Haralson, a most historic library, on my Coloring Outside The Lines Book Tour. I was delighted to take a tour of this library and hear all of it’s history. Every detail of this beautiful old building, including it’s smell, draws you into it’s story, and what a story it has. I could not help but write about such a landmark, a testament to the past. I cannot wait to share the story of My Lamb as he meets a little girl who teaches him how to dance through time and light.

Keep your eyes set for the release, as I am pushing to finish this work and get it quickly out to you. My editors are ready to hit it hard. So, it has been a busy time making sure the illustrations are perfect, and I mean perfect, so that everyone will know My Lamb’s adventure, as he explores the past and finds time.

MY LAMB FINDS TIME is set to release early Summer. However, let’s see how these edits go, and maybe we can make it earlier, which will be just in time for the Spring and Summer Literary Festivals.

Kids love My Lamb. However, don’t be fooled in thinking it’s just a children’s book. Many adults have bought it as a book to encourage themselves to healing and restoration. I am always thrilled to see My Lamb make his way into the hearts of the folks out there. I love hearing the stories about how My Lamb inspires.

This will be my 3rd book in the My Lamb Series. It is joined by MY LAMB FINDS HIS SONG, and ANGEL WINGS. I am so humbly honored that ANGEL WINGS became an award winning book in the year 2017. MY LAMB FINDS HIS SONG drew the attention of the Dahlonega Literary Festival, and I am honored to be presenting it there this coming March 2018.

In the meantime…I am starting my next, and WOW… 10th book to follow Coloring Outside The Lines, the Coloring Outside the Lines Workbook, and Coloring Outside The Lines for Kids, which has been a top seller. Thank you all. I have been holding Coloring Outside The Lines Workshops and they have stimulated great growth in both my attendants and me. The journey to Color Outside The Lines continues into 2018.

My new book has been on the heart for the past year, and I set it aside to complete the 3rd My Lamb book. However, I am ready and excited to dive in now. I love the creative process that goes into writing a new book. There is so much of myself that pours into each book I write. It is cleansing. I always come out learning more about myself that I knew before. I don’t have the title yet. However, I have entertained a few. We shall see. When I know you will know. Sometimes, I have to be well immersed before the title hits me.

Hope you are all well. Can’t wait to take these new ventures on the road and to you. Stay Tuned for more information. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Love you all.


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