Time flies…


They say that time flies when you are having fun! I believe this to be true. I can’t believe that I have just witnessed the graduation of my oldest grandson from Kindergarten. I am beyond proud of this little guy. He has a heart of gold, and he loves so joyfully. 1st Grade. WOW!!!! Time flies. I remember being in the delivery room when he was born. What a joy that was for me. Next, my second grandson graduated from pre-school and is heading to Kindergarten in the Fall. He is such a bundle of sunshine. He will make a great mark on this world. He is my Bible buddy and my cup runneth over. I was also in the delivery room with him when he was born. What an honor that was. Last, but not really last, is my baby grand boy. He is a gentle spirit of love. He was just promoted up to Pre-K 4 in Nana’s Art, Bible and Pre-School. He works so hard and is so excited at his new life discoveries. He is so kind and so free. He sings so the world will hear. I was also in the delivery room when he was born. What a miracle that was for me to witness. I absolutely adore my time with each and all of these boys.

And now…Just when I thought I couldn’t get more blessed, God has given me yet another little one to love and adore. That little peanut will be here this November. We are beyond excited to great this baby to our family. Life only gets more interesting and more full. God is good. I pray God to be in the delivery room again and to see the work of God in a first breath and a new life. Wow!

Grandchildren are awesome. They have that strange way of making us better, teaching us more, reminding us to play, laugh, and have fun. Although I don’t need much of a reminder to do that as I am a tireless kid at heart. However, they challenge my imagination, my creativity, and grow me in all ways on all days.

Enjoy every moment of your life. Rejoice in the days. Cradle the nights. Breathe in the sunshine. Breathe out the pain. Laugh. Dance so the world can see you. Sing out loud. Kiss and hug your loved ones often. Reach out to those in need. Heal the brokenhearted, even if it is yourself. Restore your life with God. Live your faith in colorful delight. Never be ashamed of who you are. Never deny who you are. Always embrace the now. Respect all life, and I mean all life, including the unborn child. RESPECT! Life is not a choice. It is a gift. We have no right to infringe upon another’s gift because of decisions we made.  Forgive yourself and those who have hurt and wronged you. Free yourself. Live as a beautiful cardinal; bold and bright, shining in the sun, changing lives just by existing, flying high in freedom, singing a song of love, and appreciating every day.

Live. Love. Hope.  Be happy.

“Each day is like newsprint, published in black and white, with one view. It is our love that adds the color that revives the words to life, and turns the world ablaze with delight.” INSIDE THE WIND/Christine Bowen

Peace Out!


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